Need help getting your wiki started? Here are some helpful hints!

  • Each editable page on Wikispaces has an "edit" button at the top of the page. Click on the "edit" button to bring up the page editor. The page editor allows you to add text and pictures to a page and to format that page.

  • Creating links between pages is easy in both the visual editor and the plain text editor. In the visual editor, highlight the text you wish to link and click the earth icon external image hyperlink.gif in the toolbar to add a new link.
  • To remove a link in the visual editor, put the cursor in the link, or highlight the link, and hit the broken link earth iconexternal image unlink.gif

  • You can include pictures and files in your pages easily using the visual editor. When in the visual editor:
    • Click the image icon which looks like a tree in a box external image image.gif
    • Use the 'Upload New File' or 'External Image URL' dialog to select the image or file you wish to put on your page
    • Put the cursor at the position on the page where you wish to put the image or file
    • Double click the image or file to put it on the page
  • Embedding Media and HTML When editing any Wikispaces page, you'll see a button on the toolbar that looks like a television external image embed.gif. Click it, and paste the HTML from any embeddable web service in the box.
  • Take a tour of Wikispaces and watch a wiki being made on line at

Want to do special effects and advanced editing?