Saturns Rings and is Smaller Moons by Max B.

Saturn's Rings where originally discovered by Galileo in 1610 when he did his original observations of the night sky, although this made the existence of Saturn's Rings known, it did not bring any credible theories about their introduction to the table, as history went on many of the theories began to sound more and more like Sunday school, or church fiction. Theories like the briefly popular theory that the rings acted as a pendulum of the planet: causing it to rotate on an axis. In 1980 and 1981 the Voyager 1&2 did extensive imaging of the rings

The image displayed is the second picture of Saturn taken by Voyager 1 is.


Ring Names is?

Saturn's rings have been named by scientists in order to keep track, and starting at Saturn they go outwards starting with Ring A, Ring B, Ring C, Ect. Although the rings have always been an anomaly in the eyes of science, the modern explanation of the rings is that they are held in their wondrously symmetrical state by the existence of Saturn's many moons.

Why the rings exist is?

The mystery of rings is being looked into and Saturn is not the only ringed planet, making research much more expansive. In fact other planets with rings is: Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. This leads for theories based on gastric atmospheres and colder climates. Science has two disputed theories about the formation and existence of Saturn's rings, the second being a variation of the first. The first-most modern theory about the creation of the rings of Saturn is that the rings are leftover materials from the creation of Saturn, and have been there sense it's formation. The other theory dates the formation of Saturn's rings to around four billion years ago, when an event that scientists refer to as the "Late Heavy Bombardment" in which many of Saturn's moons where destroyed, creating enough debris to create a ring.

So wat is the rings made of?

Although the rings of Saturn appear solid from earth, the rings are actually made up of the derbies. Here is a close up that was drawn by a NASA artist.


Not only is saturn abundant in rings, but also moons! Saturn has 18 known moons, but more are still being searched for, many of the names of the moons are often adopted in pop culture, you may recognize these names from comic books and so- on. Atlas, Calypso, Dione, Enceladus, Epimetheus, Helene, Hyperion, Iapitus, Janus, Mimas, Pan, Pandora, Phoebe, Prometheus, Rhea, Telseto, Tethys, and Titan.

Addressing the possibility of life. is.

Although the possibility of life has been discussed, due to the discovery of water in liquid form on the moon Encladus, by the Cassini spacecraft. Although the possibility of life on this planet is currently under research, all other parts of saturn have been ruled off for life. However, Encladus is one of the top priorities for man's search for life.