Mars, Current Missions, Possibility of Life...

Let us, Stella and Julia take you on a journey through space. Sit back, and relax and let your imagination run wild.

Today we will be visiting Mars, it's past, present, and future. Mars is one of the most fascinating planets in our solar system, the debate of whether there is life on Mars has kept people entertained for centuries. But keep your eyes peeled, because you might be able to be the first to see, life on Mars.

The Formation of Mars


- Mars is believed to formed 4.5 billion years ago, out of the solar nebula.
- Mars started out as a collection of small particles, the dust particles clumped together to form larger objects. The formation of Mars progressed from dust to sand, pebbles to rocks, and asteroids to planets.
- The energy from collisions heated up Mars and gave it it's volcanic activity and molten core.
- It is believed that Mars is Small because Jupiter used most of the available material in that space, so there was none left for Mars.
- The Gravity from Jupiter has prevented the formation of another planet between Mars and Jupiter.

Physical Characteristic

- Mars has a bright red appearance and is twice as bright as Sirius( the brightest star).
- Mars has a diameter of 4,200 mi and its mass is 11% of the earths mass.
- Mars atmosphere is very thin and mainly consists of carbon dioxide and some nitrogen and argon.
- Mars temperature ranges a lot from day to night at noon it is about 80 degrees F and us about -100 degrees F at midnight because of its thin atmosphere.
- The surface of Mars is pitted with a number of large craters ( like our moon).
- One of Mars craters called Valles Marineris stretches 2,500 miles , in some places it is 125 miles across and 2 miles deep

The Rotation/Revolution of Mars
- Mars has an uneven rotation that can vary around the Sun as much as 20 percent
- The rotation period changes normally around 2 min. and 12 sec.
- The revolution period of Mars is 1.88 years

History Explorations of Mars

Mariner 3-4
- In flight between 1962 and 1973
- It explored the inner solar system


Mariner 7-6
- Second par of Mars missions in NASA
- Explored during the 1960's and early 1970's
- Completed the first dual mission to mars
Mariner 8-9
- Final Mars mission
- Uncovered a lot things about Mars that we didn't know about Mars
Viking 1-2
- Viking 1 landed on July 20 1976
- Viking 2 landed on September 3 1976
- Were there to conduct experements, collect data and search for possible signs of life
Mars Observer
- Launched September 25, 1992
- It turned out unsuccessful
Mars Global Surveyor
- Launched November 7,1996
- Intended to study the surface atmosphere and intere of Mars
- Launched December 4, 1996
- It was there to explore the survice of Mars
Climate Orbiter
- Launched December 11, 1998
- It was there to study the climate of Mars
Polar Lander/Deep Space 2
- Launched January 3, 1999
- Lost at arrival on December 3 , 1999
- Launched August 2007
- Landed May 25, 2008
- Is there to search for water on Mars

Current Explorations and Goals

2001 Mars Odyssey
- Launched April 7, 2001
- Arrived on October 24, 2001
- Has collected of over 130,000 images of Mars
Spirit and Opportunity
- Spirit was launched on June 10, 2003
- Arrived on January 3, 2004
- Opportunity launched on July 7, 2003
- Arrived on January 24, 2004
- Both explore the surface of Mars
Mars Express
- Launched in June of 2003
- Arrived in December of 2003
- Searched for sub-surface water from orbit
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
- Launched August 2005
- Arrived March 2006
- Carries the most powerful camera

Egyptian Mythology
- Because of mars distinctively red glow it earned the title as "Horus The Red"
- Because of Mars retrograde motion it was noted for "moving backward"

Roman Mythology
- Mars is the son of Juno and the god of war.
- Mars was considered the father of the Roman people.

In conclusion, we conclude the exploration of Mars. You may now unbuckle your seat-belts, but be careful when exiting because you may still be in shock. Although you haven't seen any aliens (that we know of), you have just seen the greatest wiki page, OF YOUR LIFE!